Monday, November 8, 2010

who is he?

ok,sounds like mistery topic rights?
actually juz wanna share about the guy that i know bout a months ago..
how do i know him?
my girlfriend's open house (sima) during raya..
he came with my friend bf..
as usual when my friends and me gather together,we will talk and laugh till tired..
but,i'm wondering my friend's never feel tired..
all the topic that we talk is 80% more to bullying me..hahahhah
mad?no la,they all are crazy..what for i feel angry to the crazziest peoples right (abes ar aku kalo dorg bace nih)hahahha

ok,back 2 the story..(shit!asal aku nk speaking london nih!ok,malay+london)
time my friends dok bahan2,die n my friend bg 2 blh tersenyum je la kan..
they might be thinking..dorang ni mcm bertahun2 xjumpe!gile byk cite dorg..gelak pun sehabis boleh ha..xpenat ke asyik gelak n becakap!..
hahahah..u are wrong my dear..actually kitorg selalu je jumpe& lepak..
everytime jumpe n lepak mcm 2 la perangai kitorg..
suke gelak2 n becakap smpai pnat..
the problem is,we never feel tired!so,how? :p

open house tamat&pulang ke rumah masing2..
make,die pun add la aku & rakan2 di fb..
then?continue being friends la kan..
die baik..guess what,he helps me about my english asgmnt..
thanx to him..if not,i don't know how how to start the asgmnt..
he's so caring..
kire blh bg die 80% la kebaikannye..
mane ilang 20%?
sbb die smoke..hahahha..ko nih ina,xbek tau.. :p
so sory,tp btol la,sbb jenis xsuke laki smoke kn..hahaha
but,as friends,i don't mind la..

as conclusion (wah,dh mcm buat asgmnt pulak siap ade conclusion bagai),
die baik..baik mcm mane?
sush nk describe..u are such a great friends =)


  1. Alololooo, dah fall for him lah tu!

  2. hik2.. ada lah tu..

    ase cm nak tcabut jntung tgk ade org hapdate. keh2

  3. hik!ase nk tcabot jntung blogger terkenal comment kt blog sy..hahhaha


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